Take control of your energy consumption with solar power for your home or business.

We can provide expert advice on the best system design to help offset your Electricity usage so you can save money by utilising FREE Solar Power electricity.

We only use established big name brands and quality products to ensure our clients get good value for money.
We can provide a full cost benefit analysis with return on investment payback figures to help our clients confidently make an informed decision.

Solar Panel Installation and Design

At Air-Con & Electrical, we are CEC Accredited solar power panel designers and installers. Along with that, we also perform maintenance and repairs for your home and business. There is no system that is too big or small – we can
take care of it all at a price that is unbeatable. We will also take care of all repairs and maintenance of your solar panels for you to ensure that they’re operating at maximum efficiency. When you get solar panels, not only are you doing your part for the environment by reducing the usage of polluting power
production methods, you’re saving yourself a fortune on your power bill. Since Australia has year-round sun, the potential benefits to not only the environment but your bank balance are huge. Why wouldn’t you get solar panels installed?

Clean Energy Council Accredited

Clean Energy Council Accredited Design and Install Licence

Battery Storage qualified

Experienced tradesman

Tin/Tile/1 Storey/2 Storey/ Tilt

Systems/Residential/Commercial Scheduled Routine

Scheduled Routine Maintenance to ensure optimum system performance.